Maps Blue Chart G2 Small (Code 29.060.10)

Maps Blue Chart G2 Small (Code 29.060.10)
A) Bluechart G2 navigation charts: compatible with all portable models having the MICRO SD CARD slot.
-Fishing charts.
-Tidal charts, with indications of currents and harbour services.
-Classic navigation charts.
B) Bluechart G2 Vision navigation charts: compatible with all 4XX, 5XX, 7XX, 8XX, 10X plotters, series 4XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX and 8XXX.
Bluechart G2 Vision navigation charts
It offers:
Autoguidance function which automatically alters course if there is a danger of submerged rocks (works with the autopilot) : superposition of the satellite images to the vector map. Aerial pictures of the harbours. Mariners Eye view: 3D perspective for simpler navigation. Fish Eye view: 3D prospective of the sea floor. Fishing map. Tidal charts with indications of currents and harbour services.

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