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Lubrimar SAE 90 - 250 ml

oil packed in a plastic tube with special filling outlet; specially made for outboard engines and stern drive legs..

5.49€ Sin Impuesto: 4.61€

Lubrimar Hydraulic oil (Code 65.089.00)

a hydraulic product with antifoaming and special anticorrosive additives. Specially made to withstand high pressure, suitable for: hydraulic steering systems, power Trim, power Lift outboards, stern drives and hydraulic flaps..

5.53€ Sin Impuesto: 4.65€

Marinegrease - Lubrimar protective grease - 250 ml

water repellent white protective grease, suitable for all mechanical parts that require protection and lubrication; contains lithium components, therefore withstands high temperatures...

6.47€ Sin Impuesto: 5.44€

Wash and Wax detergent and polisher

Biodegradable product to wash and polish boats at the same time thanks to the carnauba wax mixture; suitable for fibreglass, painted surfaces and metals. 500-ml package...

18.22€ Sin Impuesto: 15.31€

Fender Shine

Cleans and protects any rubber or PVC material with just one operation (fenders, fender profiles, rubber joints, gaskets, etc.); does not dissolve rubber or PVC. 500 ml...

15.83€ Sin Impuesto: 13.30€

Wonder Bilge

Bilge cleaner, removes oil, sludge, grease, etc; elements carried in suspension in bilge water, discharged with pumps; removes bad odours. 500 ml...

15.83€ Sin Impuesto: 13.30€

Sail and Canvas cleaner

Cleans and restores the original brightness of sails, boat awnings, canopies, etc; traditional formula, does not ruin synthetic or natural fabrics; extra concentrated formula. 500 ml...

14.55€ Sin Impuesto: 12.23€

Waterproofing Spray

Cleans, restores and make waterproof surfaces for sail decks, canopies, boat awnings, etc; does not alter the colour, suitable for synthetic and natural fabrics. 400 ml...

14.55€ Sin Impuesto: 12.23€

Yachticon textile cleaner/waterproof (Code 65.102.81)

It cleans and waterproofs biminis, awnings, tents and make the fabric breathable. For cotton and synthetic fabric. On this latter, it prevents electrostatic charges. 1-l package...

25.42€ Sin Impuesto: 21.36€

Imprägnierer Fabric Waterproof für Natur- und Kunstfasern (Art.65.102.85)

It cleans, regenerates and waterproofs verandas, blinds, bimini tops, shading covers and other fabric items. Water-repellent, anti-deterioration, anti-mould and activating action for natural and synthetic fabric...

11.14€ Sin Impuesto: 9.36€

Stain remover for mould and rust

For spraying fibreglass, vinylic resin and other surfaces, removes rust leaks and stains, disinfects toilets and other areas wherein hygiene is very important; the product shall be sprayed onto a surface, left to penetrate and then rinsed. 500 ml...

14.54€ Sin Impuesto: 12.22€

Rust and stain solvent

It easily removes heavy rust stains from gelcoats, metal or paints without the need to scrub. 500 ml...

15.83€ Sin Impuesto: 13.30€

Rust converter

Removes oxide form iron and converts the surface treated into a perfect base for any paintwork whilst at the same time providing an effective protective action. 250 ml...

12.15€ Sin Impuesto: 10.21€

Waterproofing Sealant

Used for stitchings, to waterproof stitches on boat awnings, canopies and clothes; ready for use, long lasting. 100 ml..

8.96€ Sin Impuesto: 7.53€

Inflatable Boat cleaner

Suitable for inflatable dinghies and RIBS, cleans, deoxidizes, protects over time and restores the colour of rubber tubes, PVC, Hypalon. Provides protection against UV rays, removes incrustations on the water level line. 500 ml...

16.64€ Sin Impuesto: 13.98€

Inflatable Boat Care

Cares and protects all kind of PVC, rubber, Hypalon and similar material should be used after every use of the boat and before winter storage. Extends lifetime and protects against UV-damage. Coats the material with a long lasting protection film against weather, chalking and fading. 500 ml..

19.16€ Sin Impuesto: 16.10€

Water Line Cleaner

It easily removes seaweeds and yellowish streaks from the floating line. It also removes rust spots and calcareous encrustations. 500-ml package...

16.95€ Sin Impuesto: 14.24€

Black Streak Remover

It easily removes black streaks caused by rain and air pollution. Spray application. Non aggressive on fiberglass, gelcoat, etc. 500-ml package...

14.07€ Sin Impuesto: 11.82€

Winch grease spray

lubricates and protects gears; reduces friction and abrasion; resistant to salt water and temperatures of -30° + 130°. Bottle filled with ecological gas. 200 ml...

14.55€ Sin Impuesto: 12.23€

Super Cleaner for fibreglass and ABS surfaces

Removes tough stains, such as diesel discharges, fuel streaks , rust lines etc; does not contain phosphate and solvent free. 500 ml...

15.18€ Sin Impuesto: 12.76€

Quick universal cleaning spray

universal cleaner for any type of surface (fibreglass, PVC seats, glass, interiors, etc); 90% biodegradable product, it removes black streaks on fibreglass. 500 ml...

14.55€ Sin Impuesto: 12.23€

Absorbing cloth for oil and fuel - 200 gr/m2

Absorbs oil or fuel from the bilge water, suitable for cleansing fuel leakages from refuelling outlets...

11.03€ Sin Impuesto: 9.27€

2-component water resistant epoxy resin

for repairs below the waterline repairs blisters from osmotic damage, keel/hull faring, and holes easily, water resistant lamination strength up to 10mm high-build easy-to-sand formula fills minor imperfections, hairline cracks, prior to applying primer, gelcoat, or paint can be used between 10-35 °..

32.28€ Sin Impuesto: 27.13€

Gelcoat Cleaner

Detergent for Gelcoat, GRP, painted surfaces. It is effective even on rust and oil stains. Concentrated powder. 750g container...

23.05€ Sin Impuesto: 19.37€

Silicone and wax remover

Special solvent product device to remove wax, polish, silicone, grease, oil and other agents from the surface; ideal as a preparation before paining or before making any restoring treatment on fibreglass with wax. 500 ml...

16.95€ Sin Impuesto: 14.24€

Acrylic Care

Reconditions and restores the natural transparency and brightness of acrylic materials (plexiglass) and polycarbonate; ideal for polishing windscreens, portholes, hatches, entrance doors, etc; formulated with anti-static agent. 500 ml...

14.28€ Sin Impuesto: 12.00€

Acrylic Scratch Remover

removes fine scratches from acrylic, polycarbonate, and most other type plastic surfaces cleans off stains, salt deposits and surface discolourations easy to use just rub scratches at a right angle and buff off removes hazing from windshields, hatches, ports, etc. 250 ml...

15.83€ Sin Impuesto: 13.30€

Deck Super Cleaner

Aggressive product to remove grease stains from shoes and any dirt from anti-skid fibreglass decks which naturally tend to attract dirt. Does not ruin teak or plastic surfaces of any type; no brushing required, powder concentrated product. 770 g...

24.30€ Sin Impuesto: 20.42€

Multi-Purpose Grease

Multipurpose grease, lubricates, protects and preserves the condition of travellers, slides, joints, couplings, cursors, etc. Seals and penetrate forming a waterproofing film; resistant to temperature of -20° + 80°; prevents seizures and is not removed from water; maintains viscosity and consistency..

16.30€ Sin Impuesto: 13.70€

Multipurpose Winch Grease

Lubricates, preserves and protects; penetrates surfaces forming a protective film, resists temperature of -30° + 130°. Resistant to salt water, corrosion and bad weather; maintains its viscosity and consistency under any condition. Ideal for winch gearing, remote control cables, travellers, sheets, ..

16.95€ Sin Impuesto: 14.24€

Lubricant with Teflon

highly effective lubricant for all kind of materials heavy-duty formula lubricates anything that squeaks no silicone, no CFC's premounted spray-tube for precise spraying long lasting protects against wear and corrosion. 300 ml...

15.18€ Sin Impuesto: 12.76€

Vinyl Shampoo

Removes stains, grease, dirt, fingerprints from faux-leather cushions and from PVC surfaces, rubber, including waterproofs. 500 ml...

14.55€ Sin Impuesto: 12.23€

Underwater Wax

Cleaner formulated for hulls without antifouling paint that remain underwater for brief periods of time; cleans throughout and helps prevent the formation of algae for up to 3 weeks; suitable for any type of material. 500 ml...

21.90€ Sin Impuesto: 18.40€

Engine Cleaner

Specific degreaser device to remove oil, tar and any type of dirt on engines, machine rooms, winches, steering gears, etc; can be applied to metal, rubber, fibreglass, wood or painted surfaces. 500 ml...

14.96€ Sin Impuesto: 12.57€

Algae Remover

Removes seaweed and algae from hulls, stern drives, propellers, etc.. 250 ml...

15.83€ Sin Impuesto: 13.30€

Gelcoat Colour restorer

This product carries out a chemical action by penetrating into the gealcoat pores and restoring its original colour. No need for polishing. Weatherproof action. 500-ml metal can...

16.95€ Sin Impuesto: 14.24€

Blue Wax

Special wax for blue surfaces. It penetrates into the paint or gelcoat pores thus recovering the original blue colour. It protects against UV rays and prevents clear rings that appear on fibreglass because of the combined action of salt and UV rays. 500-ml package...

19.03€ Sin Impuesto: 15.99€

Sunteak reconditioner

special cleaner used to recondition deck teak surfaces; removes stains and restores the original natural colour; to be diluted with water. 1l containers...

8.13€ Sin Impuesto: 6.83€

Hard Wax protection wax

Heavy protective wax with Teflon, protects fibreglass, ABS and painted surfaces, lasts longer than most conventional waxes; easy to use, repels water, salt and rusting in general. 500 ml...

23.01€ Sin Impuesto: 19.34€

Metal Polish

Deoxidizes, polishes and provides protection with just one wipe, suitable for stainless steel, brass, chromed brass; long lasting protection, water skids away, gives a restored look to old surfaces. 500 ml...

18.22€ Sin Impuesto: 15.31€

Bilge Sentidek cleaner - 1 l

highly emulsifying product used for quick bilge cleaning..

6.44€ Sin Impuesto: 5.41€

Bilge Sentidek cleaner - 5 l

highly emulsifying product used for quick bilge cleaning..

24.84€ Sin Impuesto: 20.87€

Inox Cleaner

specific cleaner made for stainless steel surfaces; even though it does not contain any harmful substances, without any effort is capable of removing rust stains that oxidate stainless steel surfaces. 500 l...

10.16€ Sin Impuesto: 8.54€


special stain remover spray for teak decks; spray stains and wait for the solvent to evaporate, then brush and rinse the white residue on the teak and the deck will be completely clean. 250 ml...

5.36€ Sin Impuesto: 4.50€

HD Silikonspray (Art.65.260.00)

Silicone lubricating oil, water-resistant, protective action for metal/plastic/rubber (it prevents cracking) and electrical insulation...

4.83€ Sin Impuesto: 4.06€

Weißes Schmierspray (Art.65.261.00)

Protective and water-resistant white lubricating grease. For mechanical parts that need both protection and lubrication. Resistant to high temperature (it contains lithium) and salty water...

7.45€ Sin Impuesto: 6.26€

Bootwachs, Spray (Art.65.262.00)

Wax for fiberglass, it polishes and protects surfaces from salty water spray, sun rays, exhaust gases and acid rain. It penetrates deeply into the gelcoat pores...

6.51€ Sin Impuesto: 5.47€

Korrosionsschutz-/Schmierspray (Art.65.263.00)

It penetrates into the metal parts and lubricate then while preventing corrosion and protecting the parts over a long time. It repels moisture, loosen parts and prevent short circuits...

3.75€ Sin Impuesto: 3.15€