Marlow Excel D12 braid, black 2.5 mm (Code 06.426.25NE)

Marlow Excel D12 braid, black 2.5 mm (Code 06.426.25NE)
Braid with no outer cover.
Ideal for: halyards, backstays, vang, tackles, all dynamic applications.
Features: floating, lightweight, stretch resistant, top quality, quick and easy to splice, does not absorb water, Marlow ArmourCoat reducing UV and abrasion fatigue.
Material: 12-strand Dyneema SK78 with anti-abrasion Marlow ArmourCoat.

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Etiquetas: Marlow Excel D12 braid, black 2.5 mm (Code 06.426.25NE), 06.426.25NE, Cabos Marlow

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